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Customs Declarant

Doorlopende werving

Job description

Together with your team of 8 experienced customs declarants , 4 assistants customs declarants and 8 administration employees you serve worldwide customers with their needs in customs services. Others see the team as a tight group of professionals who likes to cooperate and perform in the world of customs. Knowledge is power! During the day you get in touch with tasks like:

  • Drawing up file instructions for the handling of import/export transactions and related documents and collaborates with other operational departments for this purpose.
  • Drawing up GDB and PD documents.
  • Fully controle BTW Id nr's.
  • Processing customs declarations in accordance with legislation and regulations.
  • Processing all customs declarations for (cross-border) transport in accordance with statutory regulations and, if necessary, collecting additional customs technical and fiscal information for this purpose.
  • Identify irregularities in the customs area and report these to the manager.
  • Offering customs documents to Customs for inspection.
  • Maintaining contact with Customs on requests relating to obtaining special tariff import duties and other tax-related matters.
  • Submitting notices of objection, requesting BTI (Binding Tariff Information) and clarifications and carrying out any other correspondence with Customs that may occur.
  • Draw up petitions after consultation with the manager and submit them to Customs with motivation (e.g. with regard to restitution, exemptions and errors).
  • Processing monthly/quarterly declarations relating to limited fiscal representation.
  • Process legal supplements in manuals.
  • Keeping records of customs formalities in a computerised system.

Your customers will be satisfied.


Next to the energie and social impact you bring as well:

  • Diploma declarant
  • Experience in drawing up customs documents
  • Knowledge of computer systems, customs software and microsoft
  • Must be proficient in speaking, writing, and reading in English.
  • Minimal 3 years work experience .
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to interpret and solve problems and issues, using instructions, diagrams, etc.
  • Ability to work together and independently
  • Commercial skills, notice chances

Company profile

The company was established early in 1900 and is still today a 100% family owned company. The company grew organically by re-investing the profits in the organization and especially in their employees. The company directly employs a staff of around 400 people, located mainly in Turkey, the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides the own offices, the company work closely with agents all over the world and is able to offer tailor made logistic solutions to their worldwide customers.


'People make the difference'. The company has two offices in the Netherlands and both are strategically chosen to settle in the mainports. One office is located in center of the port of Rotterdam and the other is located at Schiphol. In both offices you can taste a 'work it' environment but with the focus on having fun, learning and develop each other. The balance between work and private is important for all of them.


  • Diversity in work, lots of responsibility
  • Good salary higher than market standard
  • €2800 - 4400 euro bruto per month depends on knowledge and experience
  • Pensions benefits, traveling costs
  • Flexible schedule of work, easy to combine with your studies or hobbies.
  • A dynamic, fast-paced, challenging and fun environment.
  • You will work speaking your own language. (Dutch)
  • You will extend your network, working with different nationalities.
  • Growth opportunities.



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